Youth Development

Youth Water Polo Development Program

Created & coached by world-renowned Coach Ricardo Azevedo

Petroleum Club Pool/ Cabrillo High School (Long Beach, CA)

Introduction & Philosophy:

Sharks: This is an introduction to water polo and a recreational program. We are NOT a swim school and athletes must have strong basic swimming skills before joining. Athletes will gain skills that prepare them for any aquatic activity and water safety.

Pre-Team: This is the entry level into our competitive club program- the format is still 50% ‘recreation’ but training begins to focus more on base swimming and water strength/ conditioning. When athletes are ready, they will be invited to move up to the club level.

Summer Schedule 2023:

Sharks – Intermediate Level (average age 6 -8)

June: Tuesdays/ Thursdays 5:15 – 5:45 pm (Cabrillo High School)
July: Mondays/ Wednesdays 5:10- 5:50 pm (Petroleum Club Pool)  

Sharks need to already be very comfortable in the water and have basic strong swim skills. What athletes will master:

  • Swim freestyle across
  • Swim backstroke across
  • Go under water
  • Swim breaststroke across
  • Jump in the water
  • Treading water for 30 seconds
  • Throw the ball with one hand
  • Kick all strokes with the ball
  • Swim with the ball
  • Hold the ball above water
  • Kick on back
  • Listen and perform following instructions


908 Club Pre-Team (average age 8 -10)

June: Tuesdays/ Thursdays 5:15- 6:10 pm (Cabrillo High School)
July: Mondays/ Wednesdays 5:40- 6:30 pm (Petroleum Club Pool) – Competition League 

This group was created as a transition program for our Shark athletes as they prepare to join our 908 Water Polo Club 10u team.

New & continued skills for Pre-Team:

  • Shark skills have been mastered
  • Swim freestyle 25 yards
  • Swim all 4 strokes well
  • Throw the ball beyond 10 feet
  • Eggbeater hands up for 60 seconds
  • Catch the ball
  • Jump with ball and don’t let it fall
  • Be able to move forward in a shooting position with ball
  • Change direction to all sides in the pool
  • Shoot at goal from 10 feet
  • Understand and accept contact
  • Be competitive and thrive to move to 10 & under


908 Water Polo Club

The next step up from Pre-Team is to join our official USAWP sanctioned water polo club, 908 Water Polo. This club was created for our athletes that have passed through our Sharks and Pre-Team programs and are ready for formal competition. 908 currently has 10u co-ed teams, 12u boys and 14u girls teams. We will add a 14u boys team in Fall 2023.

Summer Schedule:

10 & unders
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 7:00 pm (Cabrillo HS)
12 & unders/ 14 & unders
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 8:00 pm (Cabrillo HS)
  • Wednesdays 5:30 to 7:30 pm (Cabrillo HS)


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