Coach Seminars

World-renowned coach Ricardo Azevedo runs a weekly virtual Coaching Seminar via Zoom. All sessions are free and open to any and all coaches.

To get on the invite list, please send an email to

Previous Session Recordings

Understanding the New Rules  WATCH

Movement game on offense & using new rules to your advantage WATCH

The Vertical Game and how to develop and use legs according to need  WATCH

Center Position and developing a strong seat WATCH

Tony Azevedo on Maximizing the Covid- 19 Shutdown WATCH

The Mental Approach to Defense, Press to Zones WATCH

The Mental Approach to Defense, Part 2 WATCH

Historical and Current Stage of Counter Attack WATCH

Concepts on Offense WATCH

How to Become an Effective and Diverse Shooter WATCH

Attacking the Press and “M” Zone Concepts WATCH

Special Seminar for Brasilian Coaches (Portuguese) WATCH

Passing & Shooting Drills WATCH

Counter attack; Techniques of Anticipation WATCH

Center and Defender Drills WATCH

Center Defender and Post Up WATCH

How to Plan a Workout WATCH

Workout Planning and Beyond Coaching WATCH

Video Analysis of Counter Attack with Consequences WATCH

Building a Progressive Training Plan: 80 shooting drills and how to use them WATCH

Moving from Zone to Zone and How & When to Press WATCH