We often get asked what Tony’s real favorite products are. He gets exposed to a lot of brands, but most of his top picks are products that he came into contact with himself, and that he now supports because he believes in their philosophy, adherence to high quality and innovation.

RYTE Sport

Tony was drawn to this brand’s innovative “made-to-order, made fast and made in the USA” business model. He sat down with the RYTE team to design a line of Azevedo gear including customizable towels, sweatshirts, tanks and board shorts. Now you can be comfy and fashionable on your way to and from training.

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Powerflex Cords

Tony has seen a lot of training products over the years but has only become serious about Powerflex. These cords strengthen the decelerator muscles to counteract the constant swimming, lifting and shooting that water polo athletes do, while at the same time increasing shot speed. Could there be a better combo?

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Tony has spent a considerable amount of his life and career in brutal sunlight, so he’s aware of the negative effects of sun damage on his own skin. He also dislikes how most sunscreens can pollute and damage the environment. A few years ago he discovered TropicSport, created by Australian born surfer Tony Palmer. It’s designed to stand up to extreme water sports while also certified as the lowest environmental hazard of any sunscreen product. We’ll take it.

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