Tony Azevedo All Star Training Trip Croatia 2020


August 11- 18, 2020


Tony’s All Star program is an invite-only event designed for athletes ages 15- 17 that are serious about playing in a D1 college program. This year Tony is expanding the trip to include two teams (one male, one female). This is a full immersion experience meant to show athletes what it’s like to travel internationally for high level training and competition. The program mimics Tony’s many overseas trips with Olympic Team USA. Highlights include:

  • working with Tony to learn how to combat jetlag
  • how to travel intelligently and positively represent the USA
  • daily morning trainings directly in the Adriatic Sea with Tony, Ricardo Azevedo & Croatian Gold Medalist & Pro Recco Star Niksa Dobud
  • afternoon team bonding activities with Tony
  • evening games and scrimmages against local and other teams

Goalies will work specifically with current JUG Dubronvik goalie Toni Popadic


August 11: Arrival to Dubrovnik and check-in to hotel
August 12: Morning walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town; first afternoon training at the JUG Stadium pool
August 13: Full day excursion to Sipan Island on boat and back to Dubrovnik. Transfer will be by private boat and there will be morning training and evening games at Sipan Beach sea course
August 14: Full day excursion to Korcula by bus/boat and back to Dubrovnik. Morning training and evening game at sea course on Korcula
August 15: Full day excursion by bus to Cavtat and back to Dubrovnik. Morning training and evening games at Cavtat sea course
August 16: Morning team visit to the Zarkovica Animal Shelter; afternoon scrimmages at Bellevue beach sea course
August 17: Azevedo Tournament at Bellevue Beach & Goodbye Team BBQ on beach
August 18: Depart Dubrovnik

Package Price

$2,500 per athlete

All payments will go directly to Adriatic Travel. The deposit amount is $800 and is non refundable. Checks can be made out to “Adriatic Travel Inc” and sent to:

Adriatic Travel Inc. Attn: Dora/Peter
777 W. 9th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

Payment by credit card is also possible but will incur a 3% fee. DOWNLOAD THE CREDIT CARD FORM

Please email Pete at with questions.

What’s Included

  • airport transfers to/from the Dubrovnik airport (this will be organized in groups so you might have to wait a bit at airport)
  • accommodation at the Ivka Hotel in Dubrovnik (2 athletes per room)
  • all meals (breakfast and dinner at hotel– lunch on boat or at various training locations)
  • all other program activities including training, games, tours and afternoon bonding exercises
  • 3 custom Ryte Sport All Star gear items: suit, t-shirts and shorts

What’s Not Included

  • airfare
  • additional spending money for extras
  • drinks other than water at meals

Shared Spreadsheet

Please fill out the below spreadsheet with as much information that you are comfortable sharing. Fields that are mandatory are highlighted in yellow. You can use this spreadsheet to connect with others who might be coming from your city of origin to coordinate on flights etc.


Everyone is responsible for booking their own flights in and out of Dubrovnik. To submit a request for a quote from our partner Adriatic Travel, please visit this link: Once you have booked your flights, please enter your arrival and departure info into the shared spreadsheet to help us arrange pick-up and drop off.


All athletes should arrive into the Dubrovnik airport sometime on August 11. We will be organizing large vans to pick up athletes in groups according to flight arrival schedules. Please make sure to enter your flight info into the shared spreadsheet. Athletes many have to wait for a bit at the airport for others to arrive. Athletes traveling with family members are encouraged to take a taxi to the hotel Ivka to avoid waits and help streamline the process for athletes arriving alone.

The program officially ends the evening of August 17. Athletes are free to depart anytime on August 18. Again, we will organize van transfers, but athletes might have to be at the airport earlier than usual. Athletes traveling with family are free to take a taxi on their own.


All athletes will stay at the Hotel Ivka in Dubrovnik: Athletes will sleep two to a room and we are not accepting roommate requests.


Breakfast, dinner and certain lunches will be eaten at the hotel Ivka. On travel days, lunches will either be organized on the boat, the beach or at a local restaurant. Please let us know about any allergies.

Trainings and Games

Morning trainings will usually take place in water polo courses set up directly in the Adriatic Sea. On the first day, athletes will also have the opportunity to train at the famous JUG Stadium pool (where Tony played professionally for 3 seasons). The 3 main coaches are Tony, Ricardo Azevedo and Croatian Gold Medalist and current Pro Recco Star Niksa Dobud. Tony, Ricardo and Niksa will alternate teaching the girls and the boys each morning.

Each afternoon/evening the teams will play a scrimmage or game and will be coached by either Tony, Ricardo or Niksa. The boys will play local youth teams such as JUG and the girls will play an Australian/New Zealand/International All Star team as well as a combination of Croatian athletes. The girls will also be mixed up to play in different formats.

The last day (August 17) will be a big tournament at Bellevue Beach that will include local teams as well as a visiting high school boy’s team from Greenwich, CT.

Afternoon Activities

We will organize some type of team afternoon activity each day. These could include exploring the local island (Sipan/Korcula), kayaking, sightseeing etc. All athletes will be required to attend these afternoon bonding activities.

Gear & What to Bring

Link to the Croatia All Star 2020 Store:

Each athlete will be gifted a custom Azevedo All Star game suit (for boys it’s the 1st suit on the Store page), t-shirt and shorts. We also encourage you to purchase additional gear from the All Star Store so that the teams can represent throughout the trip. The gear that we order for you will be sent directly to you prior to the trip (so please make sure to fill out the “mailing address” column in the shared spreadsheet).

Apart from that we recommend that you bring: 

  1. personal toiletries and sunscreen
  2. water bottle
  3. casual wear for very warm weather (it is very hot in Dubrovnik in the summer!)
  4. good tennis shoes for walking/hiking
  5. spending cash ($100- 200 recommended)
  6. copy of your passport and medical documents

Croatian Culture

  • the language spoken is Croatian, although most people will speak English (we encourage you to learn a few basic words)
  • the local currency is the Kuna, so dollars should be converted at hotel front desk after arrival
  • water polo is the National Sport so you will see it everywhere
  • JUG Dubrovnik is the local professional team (Tony played there for 3 seasons)
  • the atmosphere is very relaxed in the summer and there will be lots of tourists
  • the Republic of Ragusa, a merchant republic centered at Dubrovnik, was the first foreign country to recognize independence of the United States


Each team (boys and girls) will have a dedicated chaperone to support our staff during the day and at night in the hotel to make sure athletes are in their rooms and asleep on time. Tony and Sara will start a WhatsApp group with parents to stay in touch and for contact in case of emergencies. Please download WhatsApp on your phones and include your current cell number in the shared spreadsheet.


Parents are welcome to tag along on the trip and make a vacation out of it. However, we are not offering a comprehensive “parent package” as our focus is on the athletes and their experience. We do have hotel suggestions (link below) and can help point you in the right direction for organizing travel to Sipan, Korcula and Cavatat (the 3 days trips). There is not room on our private boat and buses for parents to join the group but there are other easy ways to get to these destinations.

Dubrovnik Hotel Suggestions

Code of Conduct & Contract

Each athlete and parent will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct that outlines the rules for the program. Athletes who violate any of these rules will be subject to be sent home immediately with no refund.

Athletes and parents will also be asked to sign a liability waiver, photo/publicity release form and medical consent for minor form. All of these documents must be signed and dated and returned to Sara via email at



Check with your current provider to see if you have options for an overseas plan. Otherwise you can purchase a SIM card upon arrival. Use of cell phones is only permitted when athletes are in their hotel rooms. No phones will be permitted during trainings, afternoon activities or meals.

Insurance/Medical Coverage

Azevedo Water Polo does not carry any kind of insurance policy for overseas trips. It has been impossible to find a provider that will cover young athletes traveling abroad and playing a sport that involves contact in the water. Therefore it is of utmost importance that each athlete have complete medical, travel and any other necessary insurance for the duration of the trip. We recommend you contact your local medical provider to find out details about your coverage abroad. Please make sure you have any necessary paperwork with you.

Each parent will be asked to sign a contract releasing us of any liability for any occurrence during the program, along with a consent to treat a minor in the case of a medical emergency.