The 6-8 App

Water polo enters the digital age: The 6-8 Sports App

“We believe data is the new oil. The companies that will win are the companies that are using math.”– Kevin Plank, Under Armour CEO

The 6-8 App will spread our development system across the globe and help train a growing team of 6-8 Sports professionals. All athletes who pass through the 6-8 Challenge will be able to download a free profile and track their progress over time. 

App Features

  • customer registration and profile creation
  • game scoring (single athlete)
  • basic game completion statistics
  • upload and view your 6-8 Challenge results (single event)
  • video training program

Subscription Features ($1.99/mo)

  • color-coded 6-8 Challenge results that immediately let you see how your scores compare to other athletes your age around the globe
  • access to your 6-8 Challenge history, graphs that help track your progress and charts that show you where you rank in your age/gender group + global ranking
  • ability to view all of your scored and saved games (unlimited)
  • access to unique charts and graphs that show your shooting percentage, total game playing time and 6-8 Evaluation (based on a point system that tracks your specific game trends)
  • unlimited access to unlock all premium video content: one new video by either Tony, Maggie, special Guest Star or fun “challenge” video to test your skills added each week