I love what you and your family are doing and the customer service you provide us as parents…its been an A++++ experience since I first contacted you and I THANK YOU for your time (and Tony’s) and dedication to not only Colton but everyone that comes to your programs!!! It’s been amazing and I’m glad Colton has another year to be involved with your clinics/camps, they have made such a HUGE impact on his skills and confidence in the pool!
Mom of ColtonMulti-year Azevedo athlete
We sat and watched some of the camp this week and last week because we were curious to see for ourselves why our son Alex loves the Azevedo camps. We were so impressed with how the coaches worked and interacted with the kids. No yelling, no demeaning comments. It has been such a great experience. The camps last year and this year have kept my son’s spirits up. My husband and I appreciate all the different clinics, the attention to detail and passing on the love of the sport. Tony, Adam and Merrill are so lucky to work together and are great examples of coaches working cooperatively to improve a team. My son wishes all his coaches were like them. You’ve got something special going on and this family appreciates it!
Mom of AlexSummer Clinics participant
Your clinic was probably one of the most memorable, impactful and potentially life changing experiences of Justin’s life. The way you spoke to all of the students, with kindness and respect, immediately put him at ease. And the personalized attention and positive reinforcement throughout the weekend, served to build him up so much and inspire him to give his all to every session. He has learnt so much from the three days spent with you, and has developed a real passion for the sport, for fitness and for leading a healthy, balanced life. You are so inspirational and he cannot wait to put what he has learnt into practice in the pool.
Mom of Justin6-8 Johannesburg Clinic participant
I wanted to make sure to share how very much Aidan enjoyed camp with Tony, Merrill, Rico and all the other Olympians and coaches. He had so much fun and was inspired by the work they did together and the words he heard. In Rico's words "Learn it, love it, live it!" He walked away remembering why he loves the sport and we had expanded our water polo family.
Mother of AidanWinter Academy participant
This year was even better as they got more individualized coaching from, literally the best coaches and players in the world. It was an eye opener for Kris and I. But most importantly JT had a great time, he got to play with kids from all over the world. We really felt it was a great experience. In addition to the the Aquatic Games we have done several camps with Azevedo. They are top notch and cover everything from specialized skills, nutrition, what it takes to be a student athlete and sportsmanship.
Father of JTAzevedo Clinics and Aquatic Games participant
I’d like to personally thank you for putting on such an outstanding clinic today at Stanford. My son Teddy had an epic time. At age 9, he may well have been the youngest and smallest player there—but he’s game and loved every minute of it! Thanks again so much for spending time with our Stanford Water Polo Club today.
Father of TeddyStanford University Clinic Participant
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for my children and for me as a current/past player, coach, and kids father to water polo. Steven and Rosemary’s success is greatly attributed to your love, instruction, and shared motivation to their achievements in water polo.
Father of Rosemary & StevenLongtime Azevedo Clinic Participants
That was such a great clinic tonight. It was so professional and you guys delivered on all the promises. I can’t wait to watch Liam put the skills to work in his tourney this weekend. Outstanding product - Tony was great with the kids! See you next month.
Father of LiamShooting Clinic Participant
I forced him to go on Monday and he WAS NOT HAPPY. Monday afternoon he said it was good but did he have to go every day. By Friday he wanted more. He absolutely loved the week. We got him 2 rebounders and he’s been practicing in our pool every day. An awesome experience!
Mother of BenParticipant in Tony’s New Zealand Clinics
I have attended multiple camps and each time I come back with a better knowledge of the game, an improved skill set, and a greater love for the sport. The 6-8 Challenge, shooting, and position skill work improved my game immensely. The opportunity to meet and receive feedback from Olympians is one of kind and a very valuable experience for any age. All the coaches are approachable, encouraging, and supportive. Tony continues to be a mentor to me even after the camp.
Athlete HelenaMulti-year Winter Academy & Azevedo Clinic Participant
I got my money’s worth and then some. The clinic was very well organized and the coaches had great control over the young athletes. They gave personalized feedback to each athlete, thus helping them improve and learn. What I appreciated the most was the fact that they did not just teach them skills but also showed how to adapt a healthy lifestyle and attitude towards the sport and life in general, though personal life stories and specific examples. I would highly recommend this and other similar events organized by this team. You definitely know how to handle young athletes and get the best out of them.
Father of JonWinter Academy & Azevedo Clinic Participant
Throughout all of the camps that my daughter has attended (may be more than 10 of them) Tony’s camp was the best. It is not only very inspirational but also very practical in regards to both sports and lifestyle. After this camp, my daughter is a more focused student at school, willing to put more effort into her training, and is also following a healthier lifestyle by choosing her food carefully and downsizing portions. I am so grateful for this camp, it helped my daughter achieve things that I was having difficulty getting her to do. Most of all, my daughter loved it because it was so much fun and she can't wait to attend again next year. Sara was also very helpful and responsive throughout the registration process. Thanks again, for sure you will see us at the next clinic!
Mother of Frequent ParticipantWinter Academy & Azevedo Clinic
What I enjoyed the most was the ambiance, and the passion for the sport that all the coaches had. I really liked that the staff were so nice with everybody and how they taught us so many things. As a player I learned how to shoot better, to works my leg more, and this will make me a better player. I also learned how important teamwork was. It was the best experience of my life in water polo. I learned so so so much and I would really really really like to go again!
Mom of MaddyMulti-year Winter Academy & Azevedo Clinic Participant from Canada
I wanted to say thank you for helping me with my skills and mechanics over the years. I couldn't have helped my team as much I did without the training I did with you and the skills you taught me. I can say with confidence you've taught me more than any of my high school coaches ever taught me about water polo.
Athlete AlexLongtime Azevedo Athlete and Clinic Participant
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much Wyatt LOVED the spring break camp! He thought the coaching was amazing and really enjoyed himself. A big thank you to Tony, Ricardo and all of the coaches for the great advice and inspiration. I hope we can do another one of your programs in the near future.
Mom of WyattLongtime Azevedo Athlete and Spring Break Camp Participant
I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for the amazing 14U spring break camp that my son Scott was a part of. He learned so much and most importantly had FUN. We have the 6-8 app and my son is learning a lot. We will be signing up for more camps this summer! Thank you again.
Mom of ScottAzevedo Athlete and Spring Break Camp Participant
Augie and his friend Ethan both did the clinic with Merrill Moses on Saturday. I always like to share positive feedback, so I wanted to tell you that Augie said it was "amazing. And hands down the best 2 hours of water polo training he's ever done". He said Coach Merrill was awesome, and always positive and encouraging. They'll be back for more at some point!
Mom of AugieLongtime Azevedo Athlete
I want to let you know how much I appreciate you, Tony, Rico, Jimmy and Cam and the whole 6-8 program. What your program has provided for Keira has been priceless. Since she started participating in your program and especially after Italy, we have not only seen her skills as a water polo player improve, but we have seen her confidence as a young woman flourish. She has always been independent, but lacked confidence, due somewhat to her being hard of hearing and her speech impediment. But, the young woman we are now observing interacting with athletes she has meet though the program, talking to coaches on deck and during her recruiting calls is remarkable and we feel we owe you a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Mom of KeiraAttendee of Multiple 6-8 & Azevedo Programs
I just want to let you all know again how impressed we were with the program you had. It was very organized and as a parent, I felt that each athlete was recognized for his/her strengths and weaknesses.  We appreciated how every aspect of a student athlete's life was addressed, from physical, mental, emotional health, as well as college recruiting questions.  It was a total comprehensive package. We understand that you run a business, but you made us feel like our son is an individual whose future you actually care for, and not just a number.  
Mom of Kevin2022 Winter Camp Participant
I just wanted to take a moment to express how much my daughter enjoyed the clinic last night. She learned some new skills and made friends. And I really enjoyed observing the positive reinforcement and coaching techniques. Your team is professional, kind and skilled. Thank you again for offering these fantastic opportunities. We are looking forward to signing up for future clinics. 
Dad of Zia2022 Winter Camp Participant
I wanted to thank you both for everything you have done for our son over the last four years, helping improve him in the world of water polo and as a human being. He will be playing next year for the University of California, Merced as part of their first ever recruited class. This would not have been possible for him without everything that 6–8 has provided him the past few years. He is a great example of what your program offers to young water polo players. Thank you once again!!
Dad of MatthewLongtime Azevedo & 6-8 Athlete
Elinor and Lucas absolutely *loved* every aspect of the winter camp. The coaches were phenomenal and gave all the kids so much attention, everything was so organized, and the content was clearly really compelling because they keep talking about all the things they learned both in and out of the water (it is especially entertaining to hear Lucas—a fourth grader—giving me college recruiting tips). I could go on and on, and would be happy to do so if you ever want detailed parent testimonials for any purpose! You all have something really special and we are grateful our kids got to be a part of it. We don’t take for granted that they are able to learn from athletes and coaches at the top of the sport AND that Tony and Rico and Merrill and everyone else there were SO positive and generous when their reputations are such that they don’t need to be that way and people would still flock to them. :) I also loved the diversity of the coaching staff.
GraceMom of 2022 Winter Camp Participants
You have reached out for constructive feedback and I wanted to take a moment to share our experience. I have absolutely no constructive feedback, just praise. I am always so impressed at the level of professionalism that all coaches display. I have yet to see any coach have a bad day or a bad moment on deck. I know every day cannot be a good day but coach Tony and coach Rico seem to be able to put these kids first when in their presence. Both make my polo player feel special and coach him in the way the we wants to continue to learn and impress them. Jude is a very young eleven and no one ever puts limitations on him at the Azevedo camps and clinics. It’s just the opposite. He is challenged at his skill set at all times. He is never assessed by his age and I admire and appreciate that Tony and Rico see his desire to learn and be challenged accordingly.
Mom of JudeYoung (but longtime!) Azevedo & 6-8 Athlete
I just want to thank you again for making it possible for Mila and I to go observe Tony and Ricardo coach. I learned so much and have a rejuvenated spark to coaching water polo that I am really excited to bring back to our club and the kids. The culture of the Academy and of 908 is one of positivity, kindness, hard work and a love for water polo. These are some of the best coaches in the world and the way that they treat everyone around them is so incredibly inclusive and kind. It is so obvious how happy and excited everyone is to be at both the Academy and 908, the energy is infectious and we loved every minute we got to spend observing and Mila got to spend playing. Mila is still on cloud nine that she got to meet her water polo idol and that he was so incredibly kind and gave her so much feedback for her game. When she was practicing with 908, she whispered to me that she couldn't believe how nice all the girls were. The kindness that the kids display, is the culture that you have all created at your clubs and it is really incredible. I can't wait to watch all the coaching seminars on the 6-8 app and please keep me updated on any events that you are doing in the Northwest or if you need any help facilitating any thing in this area.  Thank you again, we are so incredibly appreciative!
Mom of MilaGuest Athelte at the 6-8 Academy & 908 Water Polo Club
It  was really cool seeing NTSC using the 6-8 challenge as a baseline. It is so important to have a consistent test that shows a players strengths and areas that need improvement. It was an eye opener for my girls and they look forward to doing again. I know they have improved in all areas .  
Dad of Participants 6-8 Showcase and NTSC
I want to express our deepest gratitude for the exceptional experience our daughter, Reese, had during the Tony Azevedo & Adam Wright Summer Camp. It was an unforgettable journey that had a profound impact on her water polo knowledge, skills, and personal growth. Reese's improvement in water polo knowledge and skills throughout the camp was remarkable. The staff's expertise and dedication were evident in every aspect of the training sessions. Their ability to break down complex techniques and concepts into digestible pieces allowed Reese to grasp them more effectively. The personalized attention and constructive feedback she received not only helped her refine her technical abilities but also expanded her tactical understanding of the game. The camp provided her with a comprehensive foundation, enabling her to approach the sport with newfound confidence and competence. Beyond the technical development, the mentorship provided by the coaching staff was truly inspiring. Tony and Adam, along with their team, were more than just coaches to Reese—they became her role models and mentors. Their passion for the sport was infectious, and their ability to convey their knowledge and experiences was truly remarkable. Their guidance and unwavering support instilled in Reese a sense of belief in herself and her abilities. The positive and nurturing environment they created allowed her to push her limits and grow both as an athlete and as an individual. Reese returned home from the camp with a newfound drive and determination, ready to tackle new challenges and reach new heights in her water polo journey. Thank you and the 6-8 team once again for your unwavering commitment to developing young athletes and for providing them with an opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired. I can not express how impactful it is for younger players outside of the California water polo culture.  We look forward to continuing our association with the 6-8 Water Polo Academy and eagerly anticipate the possibilities that lie ahead.
Dad of ReeseLong-time Azevedo Athlete & Future 6-8 Academy Participant
Thanks to Tony and Adam for the camp this week. Absolutely incredible. Best waterpolo camp honestly ever. Learning every day. Lots of growth. Thanks for your continuous patience. We appreciate you and the impact you have on Josh.
Parents of JoshLong-time Azevedo Athlete
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the full staff at Azevedo and 6-8. The Winter Camp was truly an amazing experience for both my athletes and myself. Whitaker attended the Summer (June 2023) camp and had a phenomenal time. This Winter Camp was the first for Atherton and myself. It was fantastic to see the coaches in the water guiding the athletes and physically helping them understand the directions being given. I know that both Whitaker and Atherton walked away from the camp a different (more advanced) water polo player. It is also worth mentioning that the parent-specific talk concerning college recruitment was excellent. Thank you for including that into the camp. Being in the PNW, excellent water polo instruction is hard to find. I am a true believer in the Azevedo camps/clinics after this past week. I have three sons with goals to play water polo in college, and I know that these Azevedo camps will help push them in the right direction. Thank you for creating a welcoming environment. Whitaker was pretty floored that Tony remembered him from this past Summer Camp. (Mind blown!)
HollieMom of Three Azevedo & 6-8 Athletes
Incredible! Thank you for your productive Winter Training Camp. I loved to see how efficiently the camp was run - kids were kept moving! And experiencing multiple pregame warmups was invaluable to my daughter (Synnove). This was a major skill that Synnvoe was needing exposure to. To have pregame warmup examples included as part of your camp was invaluable. 6-8 is dialed into young water polo players’ needs. It has been exciting to watch Synnove learn from all of you. Starting with Tony and Maggie, the 6-8 coaches’ positive energy and enthusiasm was quite evident and contagious. High energy on the pool deck! We are thrilled Synnove was a part of it. We will continue to attend as many 6-8 camps as Synnove’s school schedule will allow. And the Camp T-shirts! … You guys are great!
SarahMom of Longtime Azevedo & 6-8 Athlete
I just want you to know that both Jude and my husband said that this was the BEST camp/clinic Jude has ever been to. First of all the line up of amazing coaches on deck is mind blowing. Not only are these coaches idols they are really good humans and care about the kids and their development. From the constructive feedback to the praise and enthusiasm that the coaches display it is just magical. These kids remember when a coach yells from across the pool “that’s it, great job.” They leave the day feeling good about all of the hard work and effort. I really want to thank you all for caring about the development of the sport but most importantly the athletes that you touch along the way. I feel honored to be able to give my child the experience of being coached by Tony and all of his idols.
SharonMom of Jude, Longtime Azevedo, 6-8 and 908 Athlete