Shop Smart & Cruelty Free

Choosing carefully where you shop and what you buy can make a huge difference in animal welfare. If everyone made the effort not to support companies that exploit animals, there would no longer be a demand for these products. There are a few things you can do that are easy and obvious:

Don’t buy anything made of leather, fur, wool, cashmere, silk, down or shearling. Here are a few facts to think about:

-many leather products sold in the USA are made from dog and cat skin, and they were often skinned alive.

-even products like wool and down (feathers) usually result in cruelty towards animals, even if they are not killed. Geese are plucked alive leaving them bloody and in extreme pain, and PETA recently exposed the fate of sheep supposedly used for cruelty-free wool.

images-2Here are some online resources that can help you become a smarter shopper:

The Humane Society

Leaping Bunny Approved Brands

PETA Guidelines

List of Cruelty Free Brands

How to Shop Humanely