Beyond the Pool

Tony is passionate about elevating and expanding the sport of water polo. He has founded various organizations that build the sport both in the USA and internationally.

Tony is partnering with Cardinal Education, a globally renowned education consulting company, in his efforts to mentor the next wave of great water polo players. Like Tony, Cardinal Education takes a holistic approach in emphasizing character development to transform students’ lives. Working with clients both in the United States and throughout the world, Cardinal Education specializes in college consulting to guide students on their path to success.

One-on-one Mentoring Program

Tony founded Azevedo Water Polo with the goal of revolutionizing the sport of water polo. The company encompasses Tony’s  Clinics, Summer & Winter Academies, International Training Trips, clothing/gear/equipment line and more.


Tony founded 6-8 Sports together with superstar female water polo Olympian Maggie Steffens.

6-8  connects young water polo athletes with the technology needed to track and measure progress over time. 6-8 is expanding all over the US & the globe, including Tony & Maggie’s 6-8 Clinic Tour, 6-8 Challenge skill assessment and Referee training program.


Tony co-founded this non-profit together with former player and lawyer Alessandro Oliveiro. The WPO is an independent international association whose members include an international group of current athletes, former players and amateurs. The WPO seeks to increase the solidarity of water polo players around the globe, and supports players with a legal network regarding international water polo contracts.