Animal Adoption

Adopting a pet is the only acceptable and cruelty-free way of acquiring a companion animal. Most people do not realize the intense pain and suffering that occurs behind the scenes when animals are bred for sale – whether in pet stores or online via breeders.

Tony ApolloThere are millions of homeless animals in the United States alone that suffer on the streets or are eventually euthanized in shelters. We do not need any more animals; as a society we have an obligation to take care of those that already exist. Breeding pets for sale allows people to profit from animal overpopulation and often cruelty, and it should be stopped in all forms.

By adopting a pet you are:

-being environmentally friendly

-reducing the number of animals suffering in shelters

-refusing to support greedy and cruel puppy mills

The links below provide more helpful information on animal adoption:

The Humane Society

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)


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