The 6-8 App

Water polo enters the digital age: The 6-8 App

“We believe data is the new oil. The companies that will win are the companies that are using math.”
– Kevin Plank,  Under Armour CEO

The App will spread our development system across the globe and help train a growing team of 6-8 Sports professionals. All athletes who pass through the 6-8 Challenge will be able to download a free profile and track their progress over time. 

App Features

  • customer registration and profile creation
  • game scoring (single athlete)
  • basic game completion statistics
  • “claim your stats” — view your 6-8 Challenge results
  • video training program

Future Features

  • scoring for multiple players in a game
  • assessment drill data capture forms
  • global athlete rating (based on 6-8 Challenge results)
  • more in-depth data and game trend analysis
  • official 6-8 Challenge History
  • store