Scouting Combine Skill Evaluation Clinic/Session

Each athlete will be evaluated completing 8 water polo specific drills (and filmed with the Watlicam underwater camera). Athletes will also be measured (height, arm span, hand size etc).

The August 20 session will last 3 hours and feature:

  • speech about goal setting
  • 1 hour teaching of fundamentals & technique essential to water polo that will help athletes excel at the Combine + teaching/reviewing the specific drills
  • 1 hour of evaluation in the water + on deck measurements

Each athlete will receive a FREE profile on my Combine website (where their results and data will be entered). This website will focus on 3 things:

  • giving athletes and parents a solid understanding of how they rank against other kids in the same age/skill bracket and a realistic picture of their abilities
  • a clear plan to advance their skills
  • parent resources on how to build and manage your son/daughter if they are serious about water polo

Where: Bay Area, Location TBA
When: Sunday, August 20 9am-12pm
Who: Open to all water polo athletes
Cost: $50