Haba Waba Festival

The Haba Waba Festival is the most visible and important water polo event for children ages 6-13.

The original festival is held annually in Italy, attracting thousands of children hailing from five continents to play hundreds of games over six days.

Haba Waba has now expanded to North America and will hold it’s second festival in Montreal from July 6-10, 2016.


  • The yellow ball in the blue water attracts both children who are not quite water safe and those who have mastered swimming. This makes for an inclusive pool sport.
  • Haba Waba’s unique goal is to create water polo training for the youngest players where the only need is for small spaces and inexpensive equipment. The festival moves beyond this by offering international competitions and competitive events along with lots of fun and entertainment both in and out of the pool. This creates a festive atmosphere complete with prizes and trophies and the opportunity for young athletes to meet and spend time with their water polo idols and role models.
  • Haba Waba is the only opportunity for 6 to 13 year-old children to participate in a competitive water sport focusing on play and fun.
  • By involving families we create spectators, fans and potential leaders.
  • The enthusiasm and interest arising from a joyful global event promotes and plants the seeds of water polo more than any other effort.

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