Beyond the Pool

Tony is passionate about elevating and expanding the sport of water polo. He has founded or joined three key organizations that build the sport both in the USA and internationally.

Azevedo Water Polo

awp_jacksTony founded Azevedo Water Polo together with his father and sister. The company works to organize customized water polo training programs in Italy and Montenegro for both teams and individuals. These training trips expose young American players to high-level play. Participants assimilate into another culture, and learn how to embrace water polo from a global perspective.

DJ Global Wave

habawaba_2Founded by former Serbian goalie and Olympic coach Dragan Jovanovic, DJ Global Wave offers a variety of services including high performance development of coaches, athletes and organizations, channel building, sports consulting, event organization, and special events. Tony works with Jovanovic in an effort to grow and promote water polo globally via various innovative channels. These including developing a worldwide network of high-level water polo clinics, expanding the Haba Waba brand, and developing a professional league in the Americas.

The Water Polo Players’ Organization (WPO)

wpo_1Tony co-founded this non-profit together with former player and lawyer Alessandro Oliveiro. The WPO is an independent international association whose members include an international group of current athletes, former players and amateurs. The WPO seeks to increase the solidarity of water polo players around the globe, and supports players with a legal network regarding international water polo contracts.