A8 Shooting School

Want to give your game a special edge and have a lot of fun doing it?

Come stretch, pass and SHOOT with Tony Azevedo


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1.5 hour sessions, select weekdays and Saturdays, year round

Belmont Plaza Pool
4320 E Olympic Plaza, Long Beach, CA 90803
6:30- 8 pm (Wednesdays); 4:30-6pm (Tuesdays/Thursdays); 2:30-4pm (Saturdays)

Price: $75 per session

NO commitment necessary

  • sign up for one or multiple sessions
  • learn how to use Tony’s new stretch band that increases velocity and helps prevent injury
  • every session will feature new shots
  • easy online registration/payment (link below)
  • cancellation accepted up to 48 hours in advance

Available Sessions:

Wednesday, March 27, 6:30-8pm (open to all ages– athletes will be divided into groups during session)
Wednesday, April 3, 6:30-8pm (open to all ages– athletes will be divided into groups during session)
Wednesday, April 10, 6:30-8pm (open to all ages– athletes will be divided into groups during session)

Program Description

Sessions for all ages:

Tony or another Olympian will get in the water and go through several essential shooting drills and techniques that he has learned throughout his career. Based on the program that Tony followed when he was a young athlete.

Sessions for High School athletes only (or 14U very advanced): 

Tony will push this group with more intense shooting drills, 6 on 5 games and highly- skilled shooting exercises– drills that Tony believes helped him become one of the best shooters in the world.

Sessions for 14U athletes only (or 10U very advanced):

Tony or another Olympian will work on all types of shooting and “shooting off the pass” drills. The age cutoff will further ensure quality and one-on-one attention to detail.

Select Saturdays every other month: Special Program featuring guest coaches and something new!! Open to all ages

These special events include shooting, scrimmages, games with give aways, meet and greets, parent talks, 6-8 App questions, 6-8 challenges and introducing some of Tony’s new water polo development tools. Athletes will be notified prior to the event what will be taking place that specific day.

Sample Schedule

First 15 min: On-deck talk

15 min: Essential dry land and warmup

10 min: Passing in the water



Goalies can participate too!

2X Olympic Goalie for Germany, Michael “Mize” Zellmer is running a goalie program in conjunction with Tony’s shooting school.

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