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We are revolutionizing the way camps are run. The 6-8 Challenge allows us to assess your strengths and weaknesses and tailor our clinic to your needs. We will always pass and shoot (because it’s fun!) but every clinic is a unique experience.

We provide a highly qualified and personable staff. If Tony or Maggie aren’t available, we are happy to find another Olympian or professional to best suit your needs.

– Intro Speech by Tony + team
– 3 hour drill based morning session (with shooting and passing): driving specifics, center drills and fundamentals
– Lunch: athletes eat with and listen to the Olympian’s stories
– Completion of the 6-8 Challenge
– Scrimmage, 6 on 5 specific game or other interactive games
– Closing speech, pictures and autographs
– Follow up feedback + data results through the 6-8 App

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An opportunity for local coaches to observe the athlete clinic, pick up new training techniques, ask questions, and learn about the 6-8 Challenge. Coaches observe (or video) all drills that Tony + team run during the 3 hour morning session; 30 min Q & A with Tony + team during lunch; afternoon instructional session on the 6-8 Challenge as coaching resource; 1 hour post-clinic session with Tony to learn about his vision, review the day’s activities and extra Q & A.

A way for Tony to connect with the local Master’s community and engage with older athletes who are still passionate about the sport. Learn fun new shots & passes with Tony; test your skills through a few of the 6-8 Challenge drills; play a 6 on 5 game or Tony & Maggie Steffens’ new 6-8 Game; Tony observes scrimmage and offers feedback; pictures & questions following the session.

A way for young, local athletes to be exposed to water polo in a fun setting. Water Polo 1.0 lunchtime session featuring fun drills that teach young kids the core fundamentals of water polo; observe the scrimmage/games; pictures & questions with Tony + team; each athlete takes home a 6-8 certified sticker.

Most events outside of California will feature a unique training program for local referees and coaches, developed and implemented in partnership with American Water Polo & the Collegiate Water Polo Association.

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Limited to 50 field players & 15 goalies for each day event. Online registration will be available.


A tool for parents and athletes to record 6-8 Challenge results, score games, track progress and follow specialized video training.

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